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1. National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below.

2. All games will be played in two (2) twenty (20) minute halves. All games will be running time with the clock stopping on dead balls the last 2 minute of the 2nd half.

3. Teams will be allowed to call two (2) full timeouts and one (1) thirty-second timeout during the regulation game.

4. Overtime periods will be two (2) minutes in length (1 minute running/1 minute stop time). There will be 1 thirty-second timeout in overtime with no carryovers for each team. Each extra overtime period is SUDDEN DEATH (1st team that scores WINS)

5. There will be a two (2) minute rest period between halves.

6. NO player will FOUL OUT (score table will be keeping track of team fouls ONLY)

7. Teams reach the “1-and-1” bonus free-throw situation on the 10th team foul of the opposing team each half. All other non-shooting fouls there-after will be “1-and-1” bonus free-throw situations. There will be NO double-bonus in any game.

8. There will be a minimum five (5) minute warm-up period between games. There will be no dunking allowed in warm-ups.

9. No game will begin before the time listed on the official game schedule.

10. The team listed on the left side on the tourney schedule will be designated as the home team and will sit to the left of the scorers table.

11. All teams are expected to arrive for games prior to the scheduled start times. The amount of grace time that a team will be allowed and not have to forfeit their assigned game when they are not prepared to play at game time will be determined by the tournament director based on all information available. If a team knowingly cannot play their game, they must notify the Tournament Director in advance.

12. Teams must fill-out their team’s score sheet and submit to scorer’s table prior to each game

13. Teams need to bring their own warm-up balls. Tourney will supply the game ball.

14.  A certified trainer will be on site to attend to all injury issues





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