NEW NCAA Travel Team Coaches & Player Requirements

Coaches:There are now 3 steps that need to be taken in order for every travel team to be eligible to participate in all NCAA certified events (starting April 2017)

Step 1. Coaches Certification
All coaches and adults on every travel team bench will have to be certified by new USA Basketball guidelines (USA Basketball Youth Coaches Gold License).  This include a background check as well as completion of 3 different video classes.
Returning USAB users should log into their existing account and renew their previous account and not create a new one.

Click here to start process for coaches certification

Step 2. NCAA Travel Team Registration
After receiving your USA Basketball Coaches Gold License, all travel team head coaches or directors must register their teams on the new NCAA Basketball Online System:

  Click here to go to create your new NCAA team registration

Step 3. NCAA HS Player Registration
After you create your new NCAA Team Registration, all of your players will need to create NCAA individual player registrations (which now includes viewing the NCAA educational course online).  This will also be done on the new NCAA certification platform:

Here is the link for Step 3:
NCAA Link for Athletes

 ALL Players must register with this new NCAA system to be eligible to play in ANY Live Period event (April or July).  Under the new rules, the required NCAA Educational Video will now be shown ONCE (at time of player online registration). No longer will players or teams have to sit through video sessions at all events as has been the case in the past.

This online registrations take some time.  DO NOT wait till April to get these requirements out of the way!



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